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Dr Cassandria is incredibly talented and I have done many readings with her over the past few years. There is a reason why I always come back to her. Her accuracy and intuition is unmatched and I am always impressed by how much her readings and messages resonate with me. Her talents are only surpassed by her kindness and her sincere desire to serve with the highest good. She has brought me so much clarity and comfort during confusing times in my life and, I will continue to reach out to her whenever I need spiritual guidance. Marie Advincula

C. Pounds:

“In 2019, I had my first reading with Ms. Hanna, and it was the most powerful and enlightening experience that I have had ever had. My chakras were not balanced, and my spirit was unsettled. After my reading, I felt a clarity and peace that I have never experienced. My partner and I have done two readings with Ms. Hanna, and both readings have strengthened our love and commitment to one another. I would highly recommend a reading with Ms. Hanna to anyone who is seeking enlightenment and clarity within their lives and spirit. Your life will be forever changed. Peace, Love, & Light!”


I want to say, Ms. Cassandria is an amazing lady. Nothing but the best. My reading came at a time in my life when everything was turned upside down. Nothing was going right. This lady gave me direction on future medical problems that will occur, and how I will survive going though these issues. Yes, the medical problems came like a ‘river flooding’ and I made it through ‘God’s Grace’. I will never forget the present and the future events that Cassandria told me about. I’m walking into the love of life, and the experiences she said I would have with romance now. Cassandria, you are an awesome lady. Keep doing what you do. People will receive an amazing journey talking with you. I’m experiencing the joy of your reading from the good and the bad right now. Everything, and the best is yet to come.” Thank you, Lanise W., March 2021


“My sessions with Cassandria have given me deep clarity and insight, and have spiritually grounded me. I’m always in awe of how much lighter I feel after each session. She’s truly gifted and I’m grateful that I have found her.”


“During a very traumatic time in my life, you were unwavering when you informed me of the outcome of a family situation; the time line. The situation ended exactly as you said. I thank you ‘Earth Angel’ and your Spirit Guides.”