Love and Light to all.

Mystic Cassandria is a intuitive consultant, medical intuitive, Holy Fire Reiki Master, palmist, teacher, musician, and author of a published palmistry book: “A Comprehensive Guide to Palmistry, The Language of the Hands.”
Book is available now at Amazon, Xlibris.com, and Ebook.

Mystic was born into a family of intuitive people who encouraged and supported metaphysical studies. After 35 years of experience, she continues to promote self-worth and positive thinking, and channels information coming from the highest realms of Consciousness. The information received is accurate and includes personal revelations to help and heal all concerns. All readings are given with great compassion and integrity.
My educational experiences include M.M. Degree in Piano Performance, Ph.D. Degree in Philosophy – specializing in Metaphysical Parapsychology, Metaphysical Minister, Diploma in Palmistry, and Advanced Psychic Medium development classes/workshops. The psychic medium teachers are: John Holland, James van Praagh, Irene Williams, Lisa Williams, and Carl Woodall.

Our Vision is to help humanity accept the natural intuitive gifts they already have, and be open to the rising vibration and awareness on this planet. We are all born with psychic abilities. They appear and grow as we grow. As we become aware and open, everything will be clearer.


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